We Are Beautifully Obscene


We Are Beautifully Obscene

Hello, we are Beautifully Obscene!

So I have been toying with this idea for a while so I approached my northern bestie to see if she fancied doing it with me as to be fair I couldn’t do it without her design expertise.  I mean I have the mouth and a spreadsheet as long as my tits with vulgar words and obscenities to get us going.  Well anyhow she agreed and within two weeks we had our first 100 designs ready but here are my favourite 5 so far.

Cunt Mug

cunt mug

This gorgeous mug was designed with a cunt in mind, perhaps you just simply love this word, we made it look a little prettier by adding this gorgeous floral design to it.

Off You Fuck Mug

This was our very first selling mug where a lady bought two as it was a joke between her and her bestie.

Classy Bitch Mug

classy bitch mug

This would be the mug of choice for me here in the sublimation studio, I am classy and without doubt I am a bitch so both words suit me perfectly!

Insulting Birthday Mug

insulting birthday mug

This mug is fecking brilliant, the design is fab, the wording is fab and is sure to draw some gasps!

Jizz Breath Mug

jizz breath mug

Now I had to really persuade my business partner to do something with this, it was suggested to me by my foul mouthed friend and I just love it! Do you know someone that would love this jizz breath mug?

Don’t forget that we are happy to complete custom requests for our customers so if you have something you really want to say with a graphic idea in mind, let us work our magic and create the perfect insulting mug for you, your friend or if you have a bitch of a mother in law why not send her something in the post?

So there we are the first blog post of many, we’ll be keeping you updated with what we are doing but in the meantime you can see us over at all our social media pages and remember We Are Beautifully Obscene for all your amazing gifts this year 😉







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