Sewing Gift Ideas | Crafty Sew And Sew Mug


Sewing Gift Ideas | Crafty Sew And Sew Mug

Well we all have that talented friend or family member I’m sure that loves to sew. I taught myself about three years ago where I ended up with a small business selling pet teepees and accessories, during this lock down I actually miss sewing, for many it is really therapeutic, there are many sewing gift ideas for that crafty person that loves sewing.


If like me you are completely content sat at your sewing machine creating your masterpieces and loving the sound of your sewing machine you’ll know that feeling of letting your tea or coffee go cold whilst you focus on your project.

Who else loves choosing fabrics? There is nothing nicer than ordering fabric but before you know it you’ve spent an absolute fortune! Working away with the beautiful fabrics that she chooses each day to use fills many with absolute joy.

For those with dedicated craft rooms a lovely sewing print on the wall would be a really nice gift for someone just to let them know you are thinking of them. Thankfully our designs that are sewing based and incorporate swearing and not swearing items are available across the whole collection.

Sewing Mends The Soul is a very poignant message I feel, it creates an inner peace but I found I worked great with the pet collection but could I make clothing? no could I buggery, it really stressed me out!

As someone who swears it was important that I offered a range that suited those that swear and those that don’t so I generated a collection to suit both parties. Our pocket mirrors make a lovely birthday or Christmas present as well as would the plate and mug set.

I love the vintage style sewing machine on Crafty Sew And Sew and how nice would it be to send a card just to let them know you are thinking of them.  The sewing gift ideas designs are a must for all sewing addicts and anyone that has a love of sewing will be over the moon when they receive there items in the post.  So if you have a good friend or relative that loves to sew either for a hobby or as a business they will love you forever to receive one of our special gifts delivered to their door.

Here’s a look at one design across all our ranges. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest to see our amazing ranges.

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