Birthday Cards - Swearing

If you are looking for swearing birthday cards then look no further than our filthy collection of cards.  From damn filthy with a cool design to match, you’ll love our expanding range of dirty cards.

Perhaps you need to call someone a cunt, declare your love with You Make My Flaps Flutter or you just want a dirty birthday card then look no further than Beautifully Obscene.

Beautifully Obscene specialises in the things that you are thinking or perhaps you are just a lover of sheer profanity.

As a design house we are able to create really unique swearing birthday cards for any occasion you require and we will even work with you to a specific design at no extra charge!

Say what you are thinking the filthy way! We don’t just offer rude anniversary cards with filthy sentiments, our collection ranges from mugs, travel mugs, keyrings, cushions, prints and even dirty bone china sets for those classy fuckers in your life. Banter Cards move over, Beautifully Obscene is here.

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