About Us

So allow us to tell you about us at Beautifully Obscene, two friends, one up north and one down south.  We have been friends for a long time, Leigh is an amazing designer both graphic and she sews a lot of gorgeous handmade vintage attire too ! then there is me a complete and utter potty mouth who is always coming up with loads of different ideas so this time we felt we needed to work together, her designer ethic, my brains (naturally).

Welcome to Beautifully Obscene !

about us at Beautifully Obscene

I’m Sarah and the brains behind the business and alongside this I have a rather potty mouth too.  I love drinking wine, eating fillet steak and am mum to three little shits (i love them really).  I also sew lots and make pet teepees and childrens teepees via my other website.


I’m Leigh and the person that turns Sarah’s gob into pretty profanity gifts, all designed in house.  I too love to drink a nice bottle (i mean glass) of Pinot whilst creating Beautifully Obscene. I am also mam to two little fucking delights.

I also design and sew a pretty fucking fabulous range of Vintage dresses.


Not going to lie our mugs should be 100% on your birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift list.  From mugs, coasters, travel mugs,  keyrings, prints and even fanfuckingtabulous cushion, we are bringing our obscenities to the WWW.

Using our unique sublimation process we transform our own designs into gorgeous gifts of an insulting nature.

We also have a rather twee collection for those non offensive mugs and gifts that you can gift anyone in the family, you know those pesky “I love you honey” twee like things.

Our products range from £4.95 to no more than £25.00 for amazing sets so we can cater for every single mediocre budget.